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Question:-  How much time the product will take to reach us?
Answer:-  Mostly goods are "Made To Order" hence production time will be between 8-12 weeks approx. (excluding delays mentioned in "Domestic Shipping & returns" section) plus transit time for surface cargo 5-14 days depending on the distance within India.For more info Kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:- What is the size/wood/color used on furniture?
Answer:-  Each product listing has size/wood/color mentioned in the description section.

Question:- Can I change the polish/fabric color of the furniture?
Answer:-  Yes, you can opt for polish/fabric color form the options available to select within the product listing, if the listing do not have option to select then you can manually inform the polish/fabric color change via email  within 3 days of your purchase and once we acknowledge your email the changes are effective. Kindly always mention the order reference no. on email.

Question:-  Is it solid wood furniture or engineered wood?
Answer:-  We specialize in solid wood furniture only. Though some furniture items will have ply/mdf placed at the area which are not directly visible and because they area best fit to use on those areas.
for example:- under cushions of chairs & sofas, backside of furniture which faces wall and, on beds for placing under the mattress.

Question:-  Does the furniture looks same as on picture?
Answer:-  Hand painting/Hand carvings/Hardware fittings,  may vary slightly from pictures depending on availability/artist but the theme will be the same.

Polish Stain/fabric color may differ slightly from the digital images provided here as digital pictures mostly does not capture exact colors and it vary from camera to camera resolution. Also seeing same digital pictures on different computer/laptop screen varies the polish tones depending on individual screen display settings. The fabric color may vary in tone slightly depending on the availability in the market. The same polish stain will differ in polish tone if applied on different wood depending on the original color of the wood itself. Additionally all polish stains are handmade so some variation may come.

Size variation of 1-3 cms may come and should be acceptable.

Question:-  Is the wood used is seasoned and treated for termite?
Answer:-   Yes, we buy chemically treated for termite and seasoned wood only from timber vendors. We check the moisture level of wood with moisture meter before taking into production of our products.

Question:-  Can I cancel order after making payment?
Answer:-  Yes, you can cancel the unshipped order as per our cancellation policy given in "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:-  Do I get free shipping and Do I have to pay any other additional charges for delivery?
Answer:-   shipping is free to most places. For further details kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:-  Can I return the item if I do not like it?
Answer:-  No, only major defected/damaged items can be returned. For further details kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:- Does the furniture comes to my door step?
Answer:-   Yes, but only till ground floor. For further details kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:-  Who will assemble the furniture ?
Answer:- Free Assembly shall be provided for beds, sofa sets and dining sets only.Remaining products either do not require assembly or, require minimal easy assembly process with the help of the spanner we send.

We are providing Free Assembly for following cities, we shall add more cities in future :- Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon and Faridabad. For more info kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:-  what do I have to do if my product is damaged in transit?
Answer:-  We provide rectification/replacement/refund depending on the extent of damage. For further details kindly check our "Domestic Shipping & returns" section.

Question:-  Is glass/mirror provided with the products?
Answer:-   No, we do not provide glass/mirror with our products as they break in transit, only space provided for local installation by buyer.

Question:-  If i buy multiple items together will it always shipped in single shipment?
No, it may comes in part shipments, depending on their readiness.

Question:-  What is the warranty I get for the product?
Answer:-   We provide 6 months warranty on any termite related issues to the product.